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We are assuming because you are looking at this page that you have an interest in the Internet and possibly building a business on the Internet.  Is that a correct assumption?  Our goal is two fold.

What Is A Niche?

1. If you are new to putting a site online and making it profitable then we are here to guide you to the technologies and systems you will need in order to put a site online and make it profitable.

2. If you are already familiar with the technologies but have gaps in your abilities to accomplish the task at hand then we are here to help you fill in the gaps so you can get over the hurdles and just move forward.

3. For those of you that want a platform  joint venture with us, you may have the ability to promote your products and services through the Lab.  A joint venture partnership means  we promote you, you promote us.  In  order to accomplish this your niche cannot be in competition with the Lab, but complementary.


Three Pathways

Building Your Own Business

beginnerGetting started means learning the basics. We have the following courses available to our FREE members. This gives you the opportunity to decide whether a business life on the Internet is for you.  One of the biggest lessons we have learned is there is no such thing as one size fits all, not in business anyway. Your business must be as unique as you are.

Goals + Niche Interview = Action Plan


Course package should include:

    • Goals
    • Niche Academy
    • Web 101
    • Think and Grow Rich
    • HTML Basics
    • Essentials of Design
    • Affiliate Boot Camp
    • Promotion 101

The best way to follow the path is through the 90 Day Challenge

intermediateYou Know your niche,  Know the direction you want to go

We begin with a Site Review, and a Review of your Business Plan,

Choose the courses to fill in the gaps

  • Promotion
  • Graphics
  • List Building Mastery
  • Membership Site Academy
  • Records & Record Keeping
  • Affiliate Boot Camp
  • Working with the Lab
  • Mentoring New Members
  • Work with Newbies, and those on their path

blueJV Participation

JV Partner / Affiliate Looking to earn an income by partnering with the Lab

  • Lead Product Production Labs
  • Participate in Mastermind Group
  • Promote your own webinars and conferences
  • Promote your own membership sites
  • Promote your own courses

By partnering with the Lab you must agree to support the Lab financially by purchasing products froLearning anything newm the Lab and by contributing as an active Affiliate of the Lab and it’s products.

Learning anything new  takes time and patience. It is true that we cannot know everything to know about everything and so it is that we want to partner with those who take the training we provide in the Niche Lab then promoting the next level up.

Our goal is to keep our friends, member’s and associates growing onward and upward.

Our Joint Venture Partners

Julie Wolf –  Niche  Skype.  Julie knows more about Skype than even many of their own support team.

Darlene Sartore – Niche  – The Ideal Network applying  IDEALS = I Delightfully Enjoy Avoiding Laziness, Lures, Lies and Looters Safely.

Herschel Lawhorn – One Click Learning Mastering WordPress While we teach WordPress and blogging basics, Herschel takes you further into mastering use of the platform.

Members Learn ~ Affiliates Earn

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