90 Day Challenge

“Our System Is Simple, Straight Forward And Quick – But It Works. Do It Right And I Guarantee you can have your own business up and running in 90 days!!”

But There’s a Catch?

“Are you determined to your own Internet business? Then you have finally reached the right place to start your journey to your owning the business of your dreams … NOW … Not tomorrow, Not in 12 months’ time !!”

Deciding on the right path, following it has helped many people to get where they want to be within DAYS instead of YEARS by merely getting started for a few dollars!

It’s all about the systems. It’s all about building the well-oiled marketing machine without any guesswork!

What’s more, you will begin with completely free tools. The greatest benefit being its low overhead, the greatest deterrent being its low overhead.

There seemed to be so many hurdles to jump over and through when we were starting out. There were people out there that promised the world, but when we went to them for help no one was there. You’ll find when attempting to grow your own business there is still a steep learning curve and you still have to learn how to leap those hurdles like you are a gold medal sprinter at the Olympics! But not only have we made the learning experience easier, but we are here ready to help.
The path has been made incredibly easy and you will now know just how to find the help you may need.

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In the first 30 days, you will discover the niche that is perfect for you. In business, there is no such thing as one-size-fits- all. You are unique and what you do is going to be unique to you. If you have never been your own boss or managed a team, this first month is not only learning about the technology but also developing the correct mindset.

In the second 30 days, you will begin growing your business by incorporating Associates and Affiliations that will help you to the next level. You have heard, “the money is in the list!” What list? How is it built? What is efficient follow-up? How do I add the income streams? These are just a few of the questions to be answered in the second 30 days.

In the last of the 30 days, you will be settling in on the systems and follow-up. You will be honing in on the promotion strategies that you find work for you. You will be getting in your organization so it becomes that well-oiled machine.

So what are you looking at out of pocket?

The 90 Day challenge is three months membership at the Niche Lab. When you complete the challenge to result, the remainder of your annual membership is marked paid in full


What’s the catch?

  1. You will have to commit to specific hours that you will work the program
  2. You will have to work directly with a project manager submitting your completed checklists
  3. You will have to want your business to succeed
  4. You will have to complete your projects on time
  5. You will have to put any and all excuses in the closet
  6. You will have to participate and ask questions

We are here for you“As you know, I will never consider your purchase binding until you’ve had time to preview all of the material and put it into action. So, use what you learn for 10 days. Then, if you find it is just not what you are looking for, just let us know, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked! Frankly, there’s really no reason not to sign up today. All risk is lifted from your shoulders and placed squarely on ours. Register today.”

Unlike many places on the web, we are here to help. We will help you to:

  • Find the niche that is perfect for you
  • Show you how to do the necessary research
  • Set up a WordPress site with full understanding of your actions
  • Set up real follow up procedures
  • Add affiliations to give you the potential for several sources of income
  • Help you learn how to use the tools you will require efficiency and with the shortest learning curve possible
  • Help you to identify the correct pathway
  • Guide and direct your progress with personal attention

Take the challenge! It is a challenge. Many can’t or won’t get it done in 90 days. They won’t keep appointments. They refuse to do the actions even though they are simple to do. They do cry and complain that it is too hard and go off chasing rainbows and promises of the get rich quick schemes out there. If you want what you want, you will have to work for it.

Purchase the challenge! Run a good race! It’s simple! You learn by doing, you succeed by helping others.

 The full 90 days is $89.00 complete the challenge and the rest of the year is free. That’s a savings of  $179.55


Once you have paid for this course, you should be automatically enrolled

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