See You On Skype

See You On Skype

“Who Else Wants to Use Skype for Building Your Business?

So many people see Skype as just video calling but it is so much more!


meet Julie WolfMeet Julie Wolf.  I have known and worked with Julie for several   years now.  I can honestly say that she knows more about Skype than even the Skype Support team knows.

Why is it important? Since Microsoft purchased Skype, there have been a good many changes.  Some of them have been good, others not so good. Julie keeps up with the changes and really does help with her many chat rooms to keep us up to date with what is going on.

So many people will absent mindedly update Skype automatically not realizing they could be putting their Skype room in jeopardy.  There are just so many things about keeping your Skype chats and the members belonging to those chats safe.  Yes, Skype is one of the favorites of hackers to attack.

You Gotta Be A Member!

If you want to know how to use Skype for

  • Marketing
  • Building Relationships
  • Fast almost instant communication
  • And even as a free help desk


See You On Skype

What is this product? Explain to me what this course is EXACTLY. What’s in it, who is it for, what can I expect to do when I get it?

How is it delivered? Is it a report, video course, membership site? How many modules? Is it dripped out or do I get it all instantly?

“My Testimonial”

I have to tell you, I even met my dear husband on Skype. Julie told him if he needed help with his computer he should talk to me and he did.

With Julie’s help I have learned so much about monitoring my rooms and knowing what to look for.



Did you know you could lose your Skype account?

You really can, then what do you do to get it back?

Skype Safety and Security – she can even help you to get your Skype back if it gets hacked!

Build your lists without spamming – Mastering the Skype Marketing Funnel

Advertise your Business Rooms – Did you know there are seven or even more ways to market your business on Skype?



Join Now!  Prices are going up so do it now not later!


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