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“Did you know your site and your business is at risk?”

Introducing AZGAD Security Services

Date: Thursday 8:30 am

We provide Information Technology services to businesses and private entities. Our main concern is to help migrate to the new technologies, utilizing internet services and help them grow. Are services are online business solutions such as web development, mobile application development, marketing, internet marketing, market research, website security, Linux VPS administration, video editing and video marketing.

Using latest hardware/software technologies as well as qualified experts, enables us offer high quality services to our clients.


AZGAD Security is a service of ARANET for website owners, helping them to have a clean, virus and malware free and reliable web site.


How it works

First, we scan all files in your sites for any malware because your website might have been infected but the malware has not been activated yet. When we make sure your site is clean, we start monitoring your site. We will be informed of any changes in your files and immediately take necessary action in order to keep your web site clean and safe.

AZGAD Website Security Service Availability

We currently offer Azgad Website Security service for following web sites:

  • Unix/Linux/FreeBSD based servers
  • Apache web server
  • MySQL Server
  • PHP/WordPress/CodeIgniter
  • Magento / PrestaShop e-Commerce

* weekly back up included.


DaryouchMeet Daryoush Ashtari

Daryoush is the founder and owner of ARANET LLC. was founded in 2010 in Yerevan, Armenia

Meeting Daryoush has been an eye opener for me as far as security is concerned.  I know that sites are hacked all the time.  We are always hearing threats in the media about such invasions of privacy.  One of the more recent was the hack on Sony which compromised many of their productions.  At Christmas, Target was  hacked compromising thousands of credit cards attached to Target’s premium card.

Daryoush is a proponent of good customer service and has proven to be very helpful to say the least.

Inside his services, you’ll discover that…

  • Invasions to your site are tracked on a specified schedule
  • Virus Scanning
  • AdWare Scanning
  • File Backup
  • And much more


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Like so many of us, you have probably worked very hard and spent a great deal of time and money building your business online.  Why leave it to chance and unprotected when it is just so easy to have it monitored and protected?


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