Partnering With the Lab



We welcome skilled people in their field.  We look for those who add to what we are already doing. Products and services that compliment those things we are accomplishing.

We have a few rules but not many

  1. We would hope you would first want to be a member of the Lab.  Join Free so you can feel us out and see if we would make a good fit in your business and vice versa.
  2. Be willing to offer special discounts or bonuses that are not offered to other members of your group.
  3. Offer an Affiliate or Membership program
  4. You have a good reputation for paying your Affiliates on time and rightly.
  5. You value good customer service.  Your site should have a support desk and you should be willing to post your business phone number.  (For the life of me, I don’t understand how people would say they are in business and don’t have any way for their customers to contact them.


If we belong to one of the Affiliate programs that are promoted via the lab, the commissions are shared with our active members.  We call in a profit sharing program.  In other words if the Lab were paid $1,000 through our partner programs, we would split that $1,000 with our partners. Our founders earn the top 25% ($250.00 divided by 4), Our Affiliate Partners earn the next 20% ($200. divided by however many)  then the balance is divided with our active member’s.

Ok so what do I mean by active?

  • Participation in Coffee Talk
  • Recommendation of the INL through their affiliate sites
  • Working through the courses and building their own website

Meet Our Affiliate and Associate Partners

Our partners are listed here in alphabetical order by site name.

Azgad Security – owner Daryoush Ashtari – Link on the Blog Spotlight

Ideal Network – Darlene Sartore

See You On Skype – owner Julie Wolf –  Link on the Blog Spotlight

Winning Way Secrets – owner Carolyn Pearce – Link on the Blog Spotlight



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