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blog spotlight

Putting a business on the web means getting really good at accomplishing certain skills. That said, the Internet Niche Lab has put together a set of core self study classes. Blogging is meant for both fun and profit

A blog can be a stand alone website. Or it can be installed in a sub-directory of your website. If you are new to the Internet, we recommend a WordPress blog platform.  We will show you how to make your blog  a 5 page basic site  and  blog all in one. With our checklist and workbook, the mystery shrouding the web should be well behind you.

Putting up a blog of your own for your favorite niche, by following the blogging checklist you will never be at a loss for starting a business using the blogging platform ever again.

You will have access to a list of our favorite blog plugins that will help you to monetize your blog and promote it.

You will know how to optimize your blog for the search engines You will know how to add Adsense and Amazon ads and other affiliate products to your blog.

You will understand how to change a theme that will match your niche You will receive goodies each week by attending the live Webinars Your blog will be included in the Internet Niche Lab links once it is completed and ready to promote.

Plus when your blog is spotlighted you get everyone in the Lab promoting it with you.

Do the blog spotlight course. I recommend that you begin by going to the Workbook first and printing the check sheet. Check off each item as it is completed and you will be well on your way to understanding blogs and blogging.

Course Slides

WordPress Video Series

Videos Listed in alpha order, will open in a new window


Comments Dashboard Discussion Editing Posts
Editors Error Log General Settings Installation
Links Media Misc Neat Tricks
Pages Permalinks Plugins Posting
Reading Tags and Categories Themes Tools
Users Widgets Writing Settings


Blog Spotlight Workbook

Our workbooks are written as you would a project. On completion of this workbook, you should have a good grasp on the blog and what it can do. There is always more to learn about blogs and blogging May I recommend that you check the schedule for updated conferences relating to blogs and especially to wordpress.

Purpose of this course: to gain knowledge of blogs and blogging. Set up a blog in a chosen niche. Print this worksheet and check off each item as you complete it!

Week 1:

  • Watch Week One Video
  • Choose your niche, domain name
  • Register your domain name with your registrar (We recommend Name Cheap)
  • set up your hosting account (We recommend Host Gator)
  • Download the WP Blog Checklist – you will use it in conjunction with this course
  • Follow the checklist to Install and Set up WordPress
  • Find your theme for your niche
  • Install your theme
  • Write your first post

Week 2:

  • Watch the video for Week Two
  • Find the plugins you will need. The first one should be a captcha. This will help cut down of bogus sign-ups
  • Install your plugins
  • Complete the settings and configurations for each of the plugins that require changes.
  • Set-up a text widget to promote your affiliation with the InternetNicheLab.
  • Begin writing articles for your blog. Build it up to at least 5 to 8 in this week.
  • Decide that you will be adding content to your blog every day or at the least every other day.

Week 3:

Week 4:

  • Watch the video for Week Four
  • Write a promo plan for monetizing and promoting your new blog
  • Find products at Amazon to add  content and monitization to your blog
  • Submit your blog to for the blog spotlight
  • Make any corrections or additions as suggested by the founders
  • Promote your new blog according to your promo plan

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