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IBO Toolbox is an all-encompassing Marketing Program.  If money is a problem for advertising and getting yourself known then IBO Toolbox is a must go-to destination.


IBO Marketing Destination
Once you sign up for the IBO Toolbox, unless you follow a specific path I can almost guarantee that you will get lost.

When you login, you will be redirected to the Dashboard

The first thing to do is to get familiar with the Site Navigation upper right corner of the screen.
Click on Edit profile to get started.

As you navigate through the pages, you will find tutorials and videos that help you with each and every page.

Earning Credits At IBO Toolbox

At IBO, members can earn credits just by utilizing the platform, performing everyday tasks within the system to build up credits. Here are examples of how you can earn credits for completing certain tasks:

* New Users – When you first sign up at IBOtoolbox and earn your first star by completing your profile, you will receive 500 credits.

* Referring Other Users – When a new user signs up through your invite link, you will receive 200 credits (400 for IBO contributor badge holders) after they have earned their first star.

* Writing Press Releases – Receive 20 credits (40 for IBO contributor badge holders) per Press Release submitted through IBOtoolbox (Max 2/day). Additionally, you earn 100 credits for AUTHENTIC content.

* Logging In – One time per day when you log in, you will receive 25 credits (50 for IBO contributor badge holders).

* Commenting on Press Releases and Videos – If you have at least 5 stars, you earn 5 credits (10 for IBO contributor badge holders) per press release or video comments. Limit 1 per PR/Video.

IBO’s Family of Websites!

IBOtoolbox consists of a whole family of websites! Each website/platform runs independently and offers you a different resource to help you take your business to the next level! Members will need to register for each platform.

IBOtoolbox This is really your back office where you complete your profile, set up advertising, write press releases, post videos, post on the wall and interact with the other members.

  • Decide to login daily – spend 10 to 30 minutes at IBO

IBOsocial Profiles Everyone has a profile page that is visible to the public. Everything you do on IBOtoolbox is seen on your profile page.

  • Complete your profile page, if you need help just ask.  Plus, there are videos to help you every step of the way.

IBOaffilate Network At IBOaffiliate merchants join the network and offer commissions to affiliates (you) who promote their products and services for them.

  • When you need a resource, check here first

IBObanners At IBObanners you have access to a huge banner library, unlimited banner hosting, and a banner maker/creator where you can design your own banners from scratch or use one of the many templates and personalize it with your own text.

  • This is where you get your advertising when you want to promote the IBO Toolbox

IBOtube Media Sharing Platform Create your own channel and upload videos, photos, audios as well as participate in the forums and join or start a new group.

  • B2B video networking at it’s best

IBOlist Classified Ad System IBOlist classified ad system is a modern version of Craigslist being 100% dedicated to Independent Business Owners, Internet marketers, MLMers, and affiliate marketers. This system is SEO optimized, equipped with social media sharing, comment/feedback system and mobile optimized.

IBOexchange Social Media Traffic Exchange This is a traffic exchange and more. You pick and choose who you want to follow on other social networks. You can also get more likes, followers and views to your website or social media pages. You earn coins for each exchange you make.


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