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The Core

Many of our courses are Free or Free with your paid membership. Each may contain software to download. Most of the software we include are free, some are try it before you buy it.

If you are not registered for the course, you will see the introduction only, join us as a member.

Download and print the course curriculum. This is your guide to all the classes here at the INL Download

Upon registration as a free member of the Lab, you are automatically registered to the following 4 courses. They are the beginning, middle and end of building a business online. It is like a never ending circle.  As you get to know what you are doing, the skills you are learning continue to grow.

After the first four courses and you have your feet firmly on the ground. Your premium membership will continue with the following courses.

check3 Web 101 was our first course. It was written in 1999 and has been updated 10 times since
then. It began as a live real world 8-hour class delivered in a classroom. When we went
exclusively online it was delivered via eMail with access to the slide program I use to teach  this course live and online. It’s Your Business is an introduction to putting your business on the web. Whether you are in business already and want to extend your business to the Internet, or you want to build a business online exclusively this introduction will help you to make some very basic decisions. Web 101
check3Reach to Achieve yes it is Goals and more. No matter where you want to go in life, you start where you are, then reach to achieve. Because this course is delivered live, each Monday morning, it is never exactly the same Goals and More
check3Promotion You can have the best site in the entire world of the Internet, but if you are not promoting it and yourself, no one will know you are there. Learn the top 10 strategies for promoting yourself on the web. Let’s Talk Promotion check3Affiliate Boot Camp When you learn how to work as an affiliate with one program, you can earn as an affiliate for many programs thus earning you several sources of income.
Affiliate Course
Once the first four free courses are complete, you will have your feet firmly on the ground or you could choose to do the 90 Day Challenge.  It is designed to get you through all the primary and secondary courses in an orderly step by step process.

Products and Services

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check390 Day Challenge – In addition to the above classes the 90 day challenge  Once you are signed up for the challenge come back HERE to login  
Filling in the GAPs   
check3I Love Design – Design is design no matter your canvas of choice.  Design Course check3Beginning WordPress – The beginners platform. Create your first WP site let your knowledge grow as your grow your business.

WordPress for Newbees

check3Product Production Lab Create your first eBook from idea to promotion  

Mastery Courses

There are skills we all need to work a business on the Internet. The Mastery Courses are self-study courses intended to help you fill in the gaps of your Internet skills.

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The Niche Academy  Included in your paid membership. This is 20 lessons that can be done in 20 days, 20 weeks or even in 20 hours (maybe).  The academy is always being updated to keep up with the times. Niche Academy  This course is also sold separately.  Enroll Now! 


Web Master Basics

Web Master Basics

Whether you want to design and build sites for yourself or as a business, there are skills to master. Those skills:  HTML, Graphics, Design, Using the cPanel, Installing scripts and more are all included in Webmaster Basics. This course includes several eBooks, your step by step workbook and hours of helpful videos.   SignUp  (this course is currently being updated, not live at this writing, check back soon.)


Records And Record Keeping

Records and Record Keeping

Hard to live with, impossible to live without. What records have to be kept? This course includes tutorials for using basic book keeping systems, templates for many of the everyday forms you will use in a business. It includes action plans, a business plan form, working with a spreadsheet and building a database.  SignUp











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