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Len Mooney

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Len Mooney is known as a “lifestyle expert”  He knows what it is to live on top of the world and to lose everything. I find his blog both interesting and inspiring.

I spent many years in the corporate world.  I was in technology and climbed the ladder to middle and upper management positions.  I am ideally suited to explain to you why this world is obsolete for many of us and will never provide the freedom and security we would like to have in retirement.

I also have owed several businesses and can help you understand why network marketing is such an ideal business model.  No overhead, no employees, no government agencies breathing down your neck looking to fine you, tax, you or regulate you out of business.  SendOutCards provides a lifestyle of freedom and possibility for those who are ready to embrace it.  Take the plunge with me and let’s build a better world one card, one gift and one greeting at a time.

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