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Coffee Talk Review W-E 07-07-2016


Independence Day no coffee talk


When is it time to retreat or just start over? Check your policies first. Are the principles of your policies included in your business plan? Where and when did things begin to go wrong? These are just a few of the questions to answer for yourself before moving forward. When a site is hacked beyond repair it is sometimes the best action to a) save your databases b) do a backup of your pictures folder then c) scrub the site from the Cpanel and start all over again. When working in Joomla or WP the majority of your work in included in the databases, not in the files. Saving your databases is a matter of logging into the Cpanel, go to MySQL, choosing the database then click download as MySQL. Rename the public_html to something else, then create a new public_html file. When your new site is working you can then just delete the public html folder that you renamed.
There are a good many things to keep abreast upon including current events. Expect to see changes in how you will run your business online. The key is to be sure you are running your business like a business. If it is just a hobby then maybe the rules won’t apply. Know the purpose of your site, i.e. to inform, to entertain, to educate then stick to your purpose.

One of the tools we have is the Mind Map. A Mind Map can be used for several different purposes and come in many flavors. The MM we have talked about and used in the past is FreeMind. Check out for an informative tutorial.

There is a new tool from Google called boomerang there is both a free and paid option. It is used to help you do your follow up.

The topic of this morning’s conversation was Talking to people. It just happens to be one of the primary roles in networking. If you are not talking to people every day, you are never going to get the word out. We discussed how to talk to people using simple systems as the 16 Personalities, ,the four color personality chart There is an excellent resource from Big Al, Facebook is one of the places that if used for business can help get your name in front of people, learn more by attending Bill’s coffee talk on Friday mornings.


Good information Bill. Tweet Jukebox is now in a new beta version. The Jukebox has been helping to automate Twitter and Facebook but is now including LinkedIn. Remember there is a free version of the program which includes 2 Jukeboxes. This could be used for memes and quotes. Bill showed with 2 accounts and about a dozen Jukeboxes how he is using a spread sheet to see visually any overlapping errors. He is using a resource called where he is getting very good deals on products. The latest is a new webinar software at for $49.00 for lifetime. (this one is normally $47.00 per month. ) And that is for a 100 seat room.

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Updated: July 11, 2016 — 10:07 am

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