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Coffee Talk Summary W-E 16 July 2016

Monday  Personality Types and the first rule of networking- “talk to people”. Learning to use the personality types will help you know just how to start a conversation with anyone. It will also help you to know just how to close the deal. The initial two personality types are Introvert and Extravert. 2X2= 4 The […]

Preventing Windows Upgrade

Today’s coffee talk is important enough to show to all not just our members. Soon whether you want it to or not Windows 10 will automatically upgrade on every PC. If you want to avoid the upgrade watch the video closely.  The resource to download is   Download the GWX Control Panel Follow the instructions […]

Coffee Talk Review W-E 07-07-2016

Monday Independence Day no coffee talk Tuesday When is it time to retreat or just start over? Check your policies first. Are the principles of your policies included in your business plan? Where and when did things begin to go wrong? These are just a few of the questions to answer for yourself before moving […]

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