Have You Found The Niche That Is Right For You ? The Right Niche Excites And Motivates You To Action !

What Is A Niche?

  • It is that place in life in which you are totally comfortable.
  • It could be that occupation that makes you excited about the work ahead.
  • It could that hobby where your passion comes alive.
  • It could be a new direction when retirement is just not enough.
  • It could be venturing out in a new career
  • It could be the fulfillment of a life long dream that always gets put on the back burner

Why should we have a Niche?

  • It is impossible to know everything there is to know about everything.
  • Specialization in any market is the key.
  • Your specialty opens the door to several sources of income. How? Through well thought out Associations and Affiliations


“We are here first of all to help you find YOUR niche, secondly with Personal mentoring, it will help shorten your learning curve.

If you desire is to make your computer work for yourself or others then the Niche Lab is just what you have been looking for. The computer and the Internet can appear daunting but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Our members tend to be the over 50 group who’s experience with the computer and the web might not be so great.  However, our member’s have so much to offer. One cannot get to 50 – 60 – or 70 years of age  without gaining a lot of experience that is not only valuable but fun and entertaining as well.  To pass down that experience, that legacy to others just cannot be underestimated. With our classes and over the shoulder assistance YOU can learn and use the technology too:

  • Build a business based on your personal passions, those things you just can’t help talking about and teaching other’s the how too
  • Grow the business as only you can envision
  • Manage that business in the time you have
  • Maintain your growing business with processes that fit you and your personality.
  • Find your “soapbox” where you can talk about anything and everything
  • Build an apprenticeship program to pass down skills that you have and others would like to have

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