Blog Posting Tutorial

by Don Bethune

How to write the perfect blog post. This is something that can be accomplished quite easily even if you are not a gifted writer. If you follow these steps, you will have outstanding blog posts that will bring you targeted website traffic and visitors to your page will want to read more.

Start by thinking about the readership you are after and what they care about. For example parents have interests that differ greatly from those of their children. You must get to know the interests of your readers in order to choose topics and writing style.

The topics you choose must be of interest to your regular visitors and attract new readers. Scan the headlines and find opportunities to package current events to peak the interests of your audience. Make sure you choose subjects your readers care passionately about.

It is best to have a specific purpose for your site. Is your goal to inform? Are your trying to entertain your readers? Maybe you just want to make them think? Set the appropriate tone (serious? humorous?). With a clear purpose and appropriate tone, visitors will know right away whether your site is right for them and you will be able to give those who stay exactly what they want.

Blog Posting. Beware the wordy site. Keep postings short and sweet. If you are too wordy new visitors will skip reading your site all together and you will soon lose the interest of your regulars. Keep articles to a readable length. The main thing is to hold the reader’s attention through the end of your posting and entise them to return regularly.

The key to a good blog posting is key words. The more you postings are sprinkled with key words the larger your audience will be. Website monitoring and other tools can help you determine what keywords have attracted readers to your site. And these tools can help discover new keywords that will increase the size of your readership. It is important to evenly distribute keywords throughout your postings and ensure the article reads smoothly and that the keywords fit naturally.

Finally, keep your blog post unique. No one wants to read something that they have already read on another site. If you have read an article that had some great ideas in it, try to put your own spin on those ideas. Keep your content fresh and unique.

Blog Posting. Know the purpose for your site, keep your readers’ interest in mind, and update your site regularly with new and interesting material. Avoid wordiness, differentiate your site, and evenly distribute keywords within your postings. You can produce great blog postings by following this simple tutorial.

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