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IMG_0091-2Hi, My Name is Carolyn Pearce I have been training small and independent business people wanting to put their own business on the web since 1995. There is nothing I enjoy more than to work with new people introducing them to the tools and techniques they will need in order to operate a successful business online.

The skills that I teach

  1. I have never been accused of being lazy, but if there is an easy way to do it – hey, that’s for me that’s why I use a WYSIWYG or scripts that can be installed with Fantastico
  2. I have built my business as an Internet Business Consultant working majorly offline using the Internet to teach
  3. I am the editor of The Winning Way eNewsletter. My newsletter is delivered each morning Monday through Friday. In August 2009, I passed my 1000th newsletter.
  4. My expertise is in the area of goals. If God gave me any talents at all it is in the area of organization. Goals are not just important they are essential. Yes, it is Goals and more every Monday night.
  5. I use two WYSIWYG tools NetObjects Fusion and Kompozer.

I am available for private or group consultations and mentoring.

My Story

I have been in sales since I was 17 years old. That seems like a whole other lifetime ago. I certainly do enjoy the show and tell kind of selling. But alas at 72, I can’t see to drive at night anymore so doing show and tell online has certainly allowed me to continue doing what I most like to do.

When my first husband left me with three children to raise. I had no skills. I lived on welfare for a year while I went to school to get my degree in nursing. It was then that I learned the value of goals and visualization. I also learned that if you want something bad enough there are always opportunities.

When my second husband died after battling Leukemia for for years, I knew that I would have to do something to take care of myself. I love art and design. I loved scrap-booking. Working with a WYSIWYG is just like scrap-booking in a digital platform.

I am available mornings for help, sometime it is one-on-one and sometime there are several people in the conference room. You are welcome to join me

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