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bill-mooreHello and welcome to my page.

Below is my background information, Internet activities, and areas of expertise.


I am retired from Lockheed Martin Space Operations in Houston, Texas as a systems engineer. I worked as a hardware engineer for about 18 years and as a systems engineer for about 6 years. I worked on the JSC NASA contract in support of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station Programs. I was the project engineer on the Air Ground Voice Subsystem for many years and have been involved with analog/digital voice for most of my career. I have a MS degree in computer engineering from the University of Houston at Clear Lake City. I have over thirty years experience in analog and digital voice systems including G.711 (PCM), Delta Modulation, 4 W E&M analog voice projects. Last November I was offered a contract job at Lockheed Martin Mission Services in Houston working on a digital voice replacement project and the NASA JSC Constellation Project.

I am married to my second wife and have two grown sons, Steve and Chris; and have one grandson, Chase. I live in Pearland, Texas which is southwest of Houston (15 – 20 miles).

Internet Activities

I have been using the Internet since about 1990. I can still remember using the News groups to get information on the latest Internet web sites. This was before any web browsers existed. I wanted to download the information in the News groups and make a list of the Internet web sites. I would reformat the data in multiple columns, resize the paper for landscape format and make double sided copies using a copy machine. I would punch the information and place it into a three ring binder. When I had about three hundred pages I realized that I could not continue this effort. There was no way that I could ever find any thing in that mess of Internet web sites. I was very happy to see Netscape come along!

I have been a member of eBay since 1998 as a buyer and a seller. I have had an online presence since 2001. Like so many other people, I have managed to loose a boatload of money on Internet marketing programs. About three years ago I discovered Kiosk and Hot Conference and things have made a significant turn around for sure. Although I am not making a bundle of money, I do manage to make some money. I have gone from a hosting company where I only was able to edit a template to a hosting company with Web Host Manager and cPanel where I had total control. Along the way I have met some wonderful people including all of the founding members of the Internet Niche Lab.

I have built and maintained all my PCs and a good portion of my family’s PCs going back to the early 80’s. My latest project is a Intel Quad 6600 CPU and MB ( my current PC is a P4 2.4 GHz).

My areas of expertise are:

  • PC maintenance/upgrade
  • PC optimization (just keep that PC running without any problems) What is the best programs to use – both free (open source) and purchased.
  • Compression programs (compress your data before backing it up and how to back up your WordPress blog data files)
  • Data Storage – backing up your data to another hard drive or optical media
  • Traffic Exchanges – how to optimize your surfing!
  • OpenOffice – Word processing (Writer), spreadsheet (Calc), presentation (Impress), data base (Base), drawing program (Draw), and Math (a graphical representation of standard mathematical expressions)
  • Best technology gadgets

Bill M Moore
832-484-3272 832-484-3272


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